Sunday, June 03, 2012

Ben & Lilly

Ben and Lilly,

I miss you.  It breaks my heart that in your years of innocence (well, close to innocence, anyway) that I will miss a single second, let alone half a year.  To see you smile, even from the other side of the planet on a little computer screen, melts my heart.

You are close.  Like your older siblings, you have more in common than you realize.  Ben, you are definitely a boy--happier to play with robots and transformers than with dolls.  Lilly, you are most definitely a girl, who would rather try on all of the dresses in her closet than do anything else.  Yet you are so alike--and find common ground between the two of you.

Lilly, you finally decided on the day after I left to put the diapers away and never looked back.  It breaks my heart now, knowing that after all four of you I have changed my last diaper.

I miss you so much.  You are both growing up so fast.



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