Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Windy Night

Dear Sarah,

I got mad at you last night because you wouldn't stop whining while you were 3/4's asleep in your bed. With your age I feel like we've gotten to the point that the assumption is being made that the sounds coming out of your mouth are always a whine unless proved otherwise. I didn't ask what was wrong, never mind that the Arizona winds were howling outside or that it was cold and dark in your room. The only thing I thought of was that I was tired and you were being needy.

I want you to know that I missed an opportunity last night. I missed the opportunity to calm you down and watch you sleep in the dark. I want you to be needy now, because soon you won't be, least of all for me. You are still one of the most beautiful visions in the world when you're alseep.



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